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Okay, so like, I actually did Something of Note last week besides "worked my ass off and also managed to slack off, in an interesting dichotomy of office life and yet I still don't have red swingline stapler and that is so wrong."

I went to a concert. On Tuesday, I saw Rufus Wainwright with the lovely and sublime cohorts better known as starstillwonder, raelala, triablaze, siryn99, and blacksatinrose.

I decided to take a day off of work (and y'all I got paid for it, huzzah benefits!) because I needed it for my sanity or I would have arrived in NYC completely zombified.

First of all, I have been to only one concert in my entire life and it suuuuucked. And no, you don't get to know what it was. It's horrifying and cheesy and very, very lame.

The concert (at the Beacon Theatre) was great, even though the seats were way up which gave me a bit of the dizzies, which are not so much with the fun hey now. The opening act, OK Go suuuuucked. So much. Except for when they did this awesome, spazzy, super-dorky dance to their single (which they pimped mightily) and as I love a good geek dance, I was very happy. I still do not forgive them for shooting BLINDING lights at the audience. Fuckers. Yes, I go to concerts to do light tests for my eyes, right. I'd eyeroll here, but they MELTED my eyes out of my sockets.

I also think there was a problem with the sound system because it was nearly impossible to make out WTF people were saying and that made me really sad when Rufus Wainwright would speak between songs because it sounded like he was damn funny. Dammit. At one point he said that his pants (they were flared) made him feel like a "Clydesdale" which is why he was stomping around, doing a bit of the white man nondance.

While I really, really enjoyed the music, I am so terrible with recognizing songs. The only two songs I recognized (and got really giddy over) were Natasha and "My Phone is On Vibrate" (I don't even know the title, shameful!) because they were used on S2 of Nip/Tuck, the first in one of the cheesiest Christian Troy sex scenes (with a woman named...Natasha), the other in the most adorable scenes (Christian with Wilbur, awww). Oh, and Rufus sang Hallelujah, which yay, I adore in its several incarnations. So lovely and sad and damn pretty.

The set was really long which worried me a lot because I get up ass-early (for me) to go to work and I wasn't looking forward to taking a train, not being able to snooze on it and then have to drive home. Ech. Plus, when we left the theatre, Tarina and Rae were totally convince we wouldn't make the next train (it was leaving in like seven minutes) but not only did we totally make it, I managed to do a Mad Dash through Penn Station and even buy some water which I desperately needed because DAMN the theatre was hot and I was very parched.

So then Rae and Tarina took half of my water and I cried out all my remaining moisture and now I am just a pile of dust. That may be a mite dramatic there.

And that was Tuesday. Nothing of any really note happened the rest of the week, although on Friday I went to the supermarket and while making my way to the dairy section, I realized my skirt side zipper had opened up. Thankfully I didn't make an ass of myself by showing off that I am a fan of Victoria Secret's cotton briefs (for while I admire those that wear thongs, I am not one blessed to enjoy having things riding up my ass). I managed to rezip it enough, even though it was very embarrassing.

Now that I've recorded that humiliation for all of eternity, I want to remind my flist that I am still piecing together my holiday card list and please add your mailing information so that I might mail you a loverly holiday card, Reg's Holiday Card List.

Here's an important question: Do you believe that Buffy could be a decent interior designer? My opinion, that girl would sure know where to shop fast and cheap considering all the repairs she would have to make restoring her constantly attacked house in Sunnydale.

Also, if you ever wanted to know what happens after the end of one of my stories, comment here, and I'll tell you the ugly truth. Want to know who survives post-Betrayer? If Sirius and Remus live happily ever after in an alternate universe of hawt mansexing? Comment here.

P.S. The spellcheck has informed me that when I misspelled remaining to spell it 'reaming.' My spellchecker is so gay.
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