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wherein I rage against a machine

So it'll be December tomorrow and like, wow. I totally did not post any fic that I was supposed to post this month. My B/A f(up here!)ic is trapped on my satantic dead laptop, R/S stuff as well, included one that only had to be edited (but that's okay, because it sucks). I can't even express how much I hate typing on my sister's laptop considering it just took me five minutes to write this because the fucking cursor keeps moving around while I'm typing and then deleting my words and *punches computer*


I'm thinking of getting either a dell or an HP, I'm leaning towards HP because of the shiny, shiny button which allows one to turn off the touch pad. Considring that I keep on typing letters (see above), I really, really need a new laptop, but I will either have to empty my bank account for it or go into furtherr debt.

And my student loan payment begin in January.

And there's no way in hell I'm buying just a 'decent' laptop, because I want it to last a long ass time and I want to be able to do things on it.

Okay, I just want to play Sims 2 because we still don't have a home computer. I need something kickass and 'kickass' is going to kick my ass in the money department.

And I really want to go to writercon. Like, I'd love to, but I don't even write fic anymore. Or rather, I can't write fic anymore because I have nowhere to write it.

God I hate this laptop so very fucking much. It has taken way too long to type this up.
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