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tis the season of all these holiday shenanigans

You know, I have to update my bio information. Considering I already graduated and am now gainfully employed.

And by gainfully, I mean, painfully.


Ach = a sound of weary pain that is too tired too go all the way down the alphabet to "o" and "w" to create an "ow."

I am still typing on sister's devil laptop. How long will it take for me to post this?

Today was all about Christmas and the joy it brings. Joy here is a word which means "insanely busy and stressful moments of having five things to do at once every fifteen minutes, culiminating in me stupidly emailing my boss with a snappish comment out of frustration." Then I had to deck the halls with pots of poinsettias.

Fa la la.

Ach ach ach.

Oh, and I ran out of terracotta pots, which means hassles tomorrow morning.

At least I was able to order the holiday cards (though if I actually GET them before Christmas, that will be a bloody miracle) and the presents for our clients. Thank god for that - considering it's so very crunch time for all holiday-related orders.

Then I think of all the Christmas shopping I haven't done and that I'll have to get out a bottle of wine (*sob* and my favorite kind, a sparkling white wine is no longer sold at my liquor store) and get drunk and write out cards.

So I keep on scribbling, "I fucking love you, man," you'll understand.

Tis the season.
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