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I swear, I will recap the Evening Out with the Lovely [Unknown LJ tag]. I'm just too tired right now.

Work is good. At least, I think I'm doing good. It's a long day. A looooong day. And my legs are killing me at the end of the day by sitting for so long. But I have my own cubicle and ruler and computer and data entry is cool, yo.

Much better than hell job. Speaking of that, I need to make sure the asshat bosses there got my memo and know that I'm outta there. By that, I mean the GM, as I told one of my other managers. I have one more weekend there.

Fandom to-do list:
1. Get Verity out within the next week (hopefully).
2. Finish soon to be much longer than anticipated Farscape/BtVS crossover, Alligator Alley.
3. Set up times to actually read TwoP's TAR forums.
4. Finally start writing and finishing Evil!Buffy fic in medias res.
5. bake cookies

RL to-do list:
1. Go to bank. Cry about lack of funds.
2. Pay insurance. Cry about lack of funds.
3. Get check from mom. Will not get it, as she will back out at last minute, citing a time when I was 7 and needed food/clothing/shelter as a reason for her not paying for something she promised to pay back.
4. Go to nail salon.
5. Go to hair salon. Actually - this should be up there as
1 a - get hair cut. Now.
5. Buy books. Because reading is fundamental.
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