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A rubber, rubber, rubbber!

My New Year's Eve was spent with my biznatches, acadeczombie, blacksatinrose, booboosheep, ignited, raelala, starstillwonder, and triablaze.

Stef made my Christmas burst into joy by getting me (EEEEE!) Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars, but OMG why did no one warn me about the Making of Documentary? It opens on The Black Day When I Said Fuck You, Sci-Fi - i.e., when they announced Farscape was cancelled. The only thing that makes it better is knowing that the awesome people behind Save Farscape helped revive the show - by giving investors a reason that there is a viable audience behind the product, as it were. Of all the shows that have been near and dear to my heart, Farscape is still the one I love the most.

Don't tell my other shows.

I brought my other Christmas present of Joy, my brand new knife, my Stef-bribe of pasteles (the last resort I had in getting her at the boobie-drunken-madness fest known as New Year's Eve), and things in which to create Mexican meatball soup, Sangria (of Joy), and fritattas (which I never spell right and I'm probably spelling wrong this very instant).

And acadeczombie made very yummy stuffed zuchini, so yay.

Also? I finally saw Trapped in the Closet. R. Kelly is the Harbringer of the Apocalpse. "A midget!" The sudden shift of POVs? The fact that he really does whip out his gun at every moment? The ex-con getting shot and saying he just needs to use the first-aid kit in the bathroom? A rubber, rubber, rubbber?

I'm so confused I'm about to pull out my gun. Only if Tom Cruise stays in the closet, that is.
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