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The minister's cat is a busy cat.

I have cooked far too much these last two days and now have an insane amount of leftovers. Basically, I foolishly made a ginormous pot of beer cheese soup (it's much healthier than you'd think, considering it's mostly vegetables) last night and like, my dad has one bowl of soup. Uh, okay then.

And tonight I made citrus chicken for my grandparents, dad, and myself and still have major leftovers. It's good in that I don't have to cook for the next couple of days, bad because we have no room in the fridge.

Which is really funny considering all the crap we have in the fridge isn't so much that one wants to eat it, more that everyone is too damn lazy to throw it out.

Yes, this is what I'm wasting a post on. Our fridge capacity.

To be honest, I'm fairly boring at the moment. My job is fine, but I feel odd talking about it, mostly because I just imagine a person's eyes glazing over.

Meanwhile, everyone is riveted by my discussion of leftovers.

Yes, I am awesome.

Oh, I saw House season 1 over the weekend thanks to the shiny DVDs and I have learned you can never figure out what ailment someone has until you seizure. And House is always right...the third or fourth time. And people LIE, dammit, they LIE like LIARS.

Fanfic recs, my peeps? I think I can do anything but House/Cameron (that pairing...had no chemistry at all). In fact, let's steer clear of Cameron. I wonder if there's Foreman gen. I know House/Wilson is popular (and the couple of jokes in that direction made me chuckle), but that's about it.

Now when I'll actually be able to read said stuff, depends on whether or not I'll be cleaning my fridge by the end of the week.

Also, I seriously need to see Brokeback Mountain, I have been putting it off WAY too much.
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