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February celebrations

It is ignited's birthday today because she is awesome. Happy birthday, fellow February babe.

Boston was fucking cold and very windy. I shopped so much on Saturday, I am still amazed. I never considered myself much of a shopper, but I was all, "let's go shopping!" and I picked up an awesome, awesome celtic cross to replace my broken one, another pair of very high-heeled boots, and a couple of books and other random tourist-y items.

I nearly had to throttle jennem when she kept on bringing up my Yankee allegiance in enemy territory. Does she not understand that Red Sox fans will kill my ass? Lucky she's so cute, you can't hurt fluffy little lobsters.

We also went to an AWESOME Thai place on Saturday called Montien where we all drank a bit too much and called up gatorjen - although I was the designated walker, so I was only mildly buzzed.

Sunday was way too freaking cold and we mostly spent it indoors because we are lame. We watched Olympic Curling for God's sake, but mostly in a trance of "who the fuck thought this was a good idea?"

I would like to thank everyone for the birthday wishes, belated and otherwise. Also, thank you romanyg for the extra lj time. You are so generous and such a lovely person.

I saw a meme about anons posting concrit feedback to writers. Well...if you've got a minute to spare, you can comment here, even if it's "you suck, don't ever writer again." Mostly because, heh, it doesn't look likely that I'll be writing the same way I used to - I'm too tired, busy, and mostly, blocked, to ever become as 'prolific' as I ever was. Being told I'm a sucktastic writer isn't going to cause sleepless nights.

Eugh, that's a depressing way to end a post.

Okay, well I just watched Emily Hughes' short program and it was nice to see someone having a very good time on the ice. There's no way she'll medal, but it's just great to see someone bursting with such enthusiam out there.
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