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"I think you need a Doctor."

I love you all. I love all who spoke of Doctor Who. I love triablaze and ignited for doing a minimarathon of eps and for doyle_sb4 being so freaking awesome and I just love. Love love love.

Doctor Who is my new happy place. Doctor/Rose? Hot. Rose/Jack? Pretty damn hot. Doctor/Jack? HoYay! Doctor/Rose/Jack?

*is ded*

Why yes, I just did spend this evening reading fanfic. *fans self*

I will have to do a big gushy post with all my rambling reactions (which are mostly "are they going to...OMG did he just...OMG! OMG! OMG! Yay! NOOOOO!!! ZOMG No! Yay! Aww! *cries* *laughs* *loves*)


Where are the icon makers of Doctor Who? I simply must have icons to represent the love.

Also, commentary is awesome. Dude, the writer of the ep made fun of the Doctor! Calling him a sad, old virgin! Hee! And John Barrowman is all shipping Doctor/Rose which cracks me up so very much.

I have watched Bad Wolf like four times already and I still go, "OMG, I cannot believe that Jack felt up a freaking robot!"

This show is so damn awesome.

*explodes in a haze of love*
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