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It's not that I'm busy, it's that my computer is BACK after an incredibly stupid thing happened last night.

I don't even know how to explain it other than: instead of a CD going into the actual drive of my laptop, it actually went inside my computer, as in, its lovely metal brains. WTFeth indeed. Fortunately the computer and the CD are both safe and secure and the latter is no longer suck inside the former.

However that weirdness was overshadowed by the geektastic glory of watching Doctor Who with triablaze. We are nerds, but that is okay. Because watching Doctor Who is best in groups. Snarky, geeky groups. Yes, we still applaud when SPOILER SPOILER happens. :-)

Also, I will never be able to think of Captain Jack without the very apt character description "Captain Jack leads with his pelvis." Because uh, if you care to look? He totally does.

FYI, John Barrowman gives the best. commentary ever. Actually, that's not true: if John Barrowman ever stars in a movie or TV show with Ben Browder and Claudia Black AND then does commetary, that would be the best. commentary ever.

On learning that some fans had posted/thought that Captain Jack was not at an officer's club of some kind (when he first sees Roses's 'excellent bottom'), but a gay club ("a well lit gay club in the middle of the Blitz" as the ep writer Stephen Moffet jokes):

"I need ambient lighting! I don't look good in the dark."

On Captain Jack's 'reveal' to Rose and the Doctor about his 'relationship' with Alby and how clearly gay Jack was:

"And the shock and horror on her face."

[later, when Stephen Moffet and Barrowman were riffing on why it was so 'obvious']
(In a hysterical accent) "He was immaculate!"

He is just as geeky as Ben Browder. He sings "Blame Canada" (not the whole song, just the two words, but it is awesome) and cracks on himself almost as much as he cracks on Christopher Eccelston.

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