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Doctor Who


Scary and awesome.

Scary and funny and awesome. And so many things being set up/suggested! Rose and the Doctor acting adorable AND a bit like jerks. Being banished by a werewolf!Queen Victoria - ow that stings and is an AWESOME smackdown.

Yes, you're a knight, you're a dame, now get the hell out of my empire.

It is late and I am not making sense. Be glad I am not just pounding the keys in my joy. Must rewatch and sigh over David Tennant's accent and adorableness. And his rudeness. "I meant that one." Oh, you are so cute.

ZOMG, the Bad Wolf reference made me squee. I am hoping for a majorly fucked up ending for this season of DW, because I love it when my shows get dark. And the little hints, all the Torchwood stuff, very awesome.

Good (messed up) things look like they're in the works.

Next week? Evil!Giles? Yay!
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