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Shopping makes it allllll better...

Or it at least cheers me up enough to forget that I am still jobless and that I'm so very screwed.

Well, anyways onto the shopping, I got a pair of awesome jeans for ten bucks, which was originally priced at $29.50, a pair of sunglasses for 4.99 instead of 18.50, and a t-shirt for seven dollars instead of $12.50. So I? Am a very happy camper, thank you very much. It's funny, because I hated shopping until a year ago, now I go without having to drag myself out to the stores because my clothes are falling apart.

It is still killing me that my house is currently kitchenless. The guys who are doing the walls are driving me crazy - they show up whenever and they just have to finish spackling the damn walls, a one day project and my dad can paint the walls, then we can put in the cabinets and we'll be basically DONE. And then, finally I can cook.

Is it dorky to admit that I've been dreaming about buying Harry Potter? It is? Oh, well, good thing that I um, haven't.

I finally finished The Dante Club. I was surprised, because I really didn't enjoy reading it, I had to force myself to finish. I think the problem is that I don't really care for American Literature and this was rooted in a period of history that I'm none too familiar with. I may start reading Murder on the Orient Express today, while also getting my mythology on with Ovid's The Metamorphoses. Because I am not just a geek, I'm a greek geek.
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