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On Epic Loves

I've come to a realization.

A formula if you will.

To prove if a love is truly epic, as Logan declares his relationship with Veronica to be, that true 'epic love,' there is but one thing to do.

Screw someone else.

Clearly this is true.

For look, Logan reveals his angsty emo love and then he sleeps with Kendall. This proves how very much he loves Veronica. It is truly epic.

It can be applied to other relationships as well!

The Doctor and Rose have teh most epic love evah! since he either did or wanted to 'dance' with Madame de Pompadour. It all fits.

As I discussed this with elrina753, I then realized that if the Doctor and Rose ever had sex, then it would mean the Jack had two epic loves since he loves the Doctor and Rose equally. My brain exploded only a little bit.

Which also means my Buffy/Angel/Spike OTP is clearly proven. (Even if you go by strict show canon, Angel and Spike were intimate just the once. *snort*)

John loves Aeryn the mostest since he sleeps with someone else in the Look at the Princess triology. And he also possibly sleeps with the feather girls in Scratch and Sniff

Chiana's love for D'Argo is super epic because she fucks his son. How endearingly epic.

Strangely enough, I think all show writers belive in this formula. "How do we prove our OTP? Have one of them fuck somebody else! Brilliant!"

Kindly call it the Law of Epic Love.
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