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Wherein I post my very unpopular Doctor Who opinion

Here it is. The post I have been fearing to post ever since I started watching Doctor Who. So unpopular, I should f-lock it. But I won't.

I adore her mascara.


I said it. Not only that - I covet that look. I long to have the super awesome thick Maybe-It's-Super-Maybelline black lashes of awesome.

I don't care that people mock her look and think it's just way too overdone, I love it.

Mostly, because my natural eyelashes are blonde and I have blue eyes, when I'm properly mascara'ed up, I actually look like I have eyes. I've worn mascara since I was about 12 or 13 and I revel in making my lashes look long and fabulous and very black.

After several months of being disatisfied by my old standby of original Maybelline very black, I'm now trying out the Volum and the Sky High Curves from Maybelline, and I think it looks rocking.

I really need to do a pic post comparison of me with and without mascara. But then that would mean I would have photographic evidence of me without makeup. I just do not leave the house without makeup.

So there. My unpopular fandom opinion? I love Rose's makeup.

I think I will totally figure out how to post a pic of how super awesome my lashes are looking. And because I'm so pale skinned, I can rock white eyeshadow without looking trashy.

Well, as un-trashy as someone who covets the extra thick black lashes o' doom.

So the makeup artistes behind Billie Piper's Rose look? Y'all rock.

Now, the wardrobe department, for them, I got nothing.
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