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oh no, my brain is being eaten

There is no chocolate in the house and that has made me sad. There is however Scrubs Season Three in the house and that makes me happy. Although I was a moron for watching the sadness of My Screw Up before work.

I signed up for an interesting ficathon, which I will do, dammit. It is crossover, having someone from another show/fandom become a companion on Doctor Who. I'm totally doing John Crichton (oh, that can be taken in a very wrong way, heh).

Picture it. John Crichton. The Tenth Doctor. Rose.

I'm thinking of setting it after S3/before S4. John being picked up while on the dying Levaithan. Thinking of also having them visit the Look At the Princess planet. Possibly after John's daughter has all growed up (for the angst potential). Plus, will definitely offer a funny moment where John can go, "Trust me, don't kiss the natives. Unless you want to end up getting hitched."

Finally people will understand (most) of his pop culture sayings. He will be stunned by this. And very pleased.

Also, he will be wearing leather pants. Someone must compliment him on his ass. Hopefully I can work the Doctor into saying it. Hoyay, y'all. It keeps a person going.

So yeah, Farscape and Doctor Who peeps? I'm totally going to be asking for help crafting this fic. I'm not sure where I'll set it in the Doctor Who verse, will have to see what's the what after the next two eps before I decide.

But I do totally need to start watching Farscape again in order to get John's voice down. Also, I have no idea who's POV to do it from - I might have to do either the Doctor or Rose's, but if I do John's, I need to watch about, oh, ten hours of Farscape.

I'm still thinking about what kind of a nickname he'll give Rose. Cause he totally would. That's so John. And he'd be giving relationship advice to Rose. Since he's such a girl.

Even wore hoisery AND a dress.

John Crichton. Girl. Sexy, sexy dude who acts like a girl.


Oh, and while I was at work, writing down some vague ideas (still debating about referencing The Major Thing in the PK Wars), I realized I had a perfect little thing to play with.

What happened to the Ancients' world? The Doctor destroyed/ruined it when he took out the Daleks. Boo-yah.

Oh you know wormhole stuff is figuring into the fic. You just know it. John's too important to just become a companion along for the ride. You know the universe is going to be fucking around with him. It's why I love him.

He's so wonderfully broken. And if I have to get him along to that mood in Crichton Kicks while not completely cheating by having the Ancients or someone or another mindwiping or erasing bits of his memory so he doesn't remember his travels, all the better.

Damn, I am thinking about this a lot.

An actual plot may form.
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