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doctor who, doctor who, and some more doctor who with a dash of Farscape

Eeee! New episode tonight! !!!!

That's how excited I am - I am overloaded with exclamation points.

But first, my very, very brief thoughts about last week's ep.

The Girl in the Fireplace is my The Locket.

You don't understand? Well, after many discussions with elrina753, about the elements I liked/loved about this episode and the relative feeling of, if not unease, slight 'eh-ness,' I understood why this episode is really not one of my favorites.

It's akin to Farscape's The Locket. I should let you know that I really, really don't like that ep. I've watched it maybe three times (one time with the commentary, because Ben and Claudia are hysterical).

And the reason for my dislike, other than the embarrassing fluffiness of the ep, is that it took me OUT of the show. I didn't like the logic of the stuck-in-time travel with the evil frozen mist of dooooom and the time jumps annoyed the fuck out of me. (What, John and Aeryn are living on a planet together for something like fifty of John's years and they never admit their love for one another? Like, I get that she's already very old by the time he gets stuck down there with her, but they never have a Conversation about it? And then it all doesn't count anyway because Stark and Zhaan fixed it with magic so they don't remember! Gah!)

Despite that, there are elements I did like. You have to enjoy Aeryn fucking around with John about who's in the locket, "the only man I ever loved" but at the same time, that kind of shippiness never sat well with me. And I liked Meltdown, which not only was shameless, it had porntastic jazz music cues whenever John and Aeryn felt sexy urges. C'mon.

I understand what they were doing with The Locket, it's standard Farscape, taking a cliche and doing something interesting with it, but at the end of it, I wasn't really impressed by their variation on a theme. It was slightly redeemed in The Choice when there was the awesome, awesome callback of Aeryn's heart pain, in a beautifully acted scene by Claudia Black.

However, it's not something I find as the best thing ever or even the worst thing ever. The Locket is not my Worst. Episode. Ever. for Farscape, it's just something that was ruined by the last part of the ep, where I could feel myself getting annoyed with the pat ending.

And that's kind of how I feel about The Girl in the Fireplace. Of course he couldn't take her and it is terribly sad. But I also felt uneasy by certain parts that could have been resolved by a line or two, which simply weren't. I loved lots of things about the episode, but as whole, I did not love it.

But I understand why others would love it. And why others may have issues or criticisms with it.

It's my The Locket.
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