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I'll do a breakdown here, y'all, to make it easier for me.

I watched this so late last night. And I still went, "No!!!" at the ending, mostly because gah, one more week till resolution.

Mickey is not only love, he is also ripped. Damn.

I love the alternate universe idea but I really love that Mickey was all over it and totally had a Geek attack. Awesome.

Guy playing the Big Bad Super Genius annoyed the living hell out of me. Dude, you are not even as badass as Maldis on Farscape and even John Crichton made fun of him - repeatedly. Most of those line deliveries did not work at all.

But I really, really want to know what happens next, dammit!

I screamed out "NO! NOT BURKE!!!!"

In fact, that's pretty much ALL my thoughts on this ep. NOOOOOOOOOO, NOT BURKE!!! He's the last relatively hot eyecandy left on the show! (Derek is just way too much of an ass for me to care.)


Rewatching eps to relearn John's speech patterns, aka research for Doctor Who/Farscape crossover. Watched Won't Get Fooled Again (favorite ep), the Liars, Gun & Money trilogy, and Die Me Dichotomy. May have been a bad decision to watch that last one before bed.


Oh John.

I am now trying to convince myself NOT to purchase the Starburst Collection 3 because I really should not hurt my poor credit card. But...I need it for the fic - I have to set the time when the Doctor picks up John sometime between S3 Ep 22 and S4 Ep 1. Gah.

I'd forgotten how even early on, John constantly calls Aeryn 'honey' and 'baby.' I wonder what exactly that translates to for her. Since she's learned English now, I wonder if she finally figured it out. "Oh, that's why he's been calling me an infant and a food item."

I still have no idea what kind of a nickname he would give Rose. Because he does that - nicknames.

He's going to be calling the Doctor 'doc' and it is going to piss him off.

"Right, I'm supposed to believe the librarian in Chucks and a giant trench coat, traveling around with a young blonde about the secrets of time travel?" John pauses, as though considering. "Frell, it's more normal than I deserve. Let's go, Doc."
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