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Doctor Who & Farscape (Also, the research for the crossover continues)

My left eye is leaking (not tearing up) and I am watching Farscape. These things are not connected, as I'm watching the first part of What Was Lost and that is not a 'make Reg cry like a bitch' ep. Also I watched Promises early today and I love my Fucked up Sci-Fi show. "Hey John, what's your worst nightmare? Reuniting with your One True Luv while she looks like your One True Nemesis? Well, we have something just for you!"

Still, that didn't make me cry. Just made me smile like the twisted person that I am. Pain is so tasty sometimes.

No, I'm not crying, but I did just order the set of eps from Amazon that will guarantee tears. Starburst Collection 3.3, I am ready for you to break me. But I really do need it for fic purposes. Research even. Oh, on Wednesday, I am going to be BROKEN. I may do a post of WEEPING just so y'all can see how much Dog With Two Bones breaks me.

I'm watching some of S4 of Farscape. God, I haven't seen it in years! As I commented to elrina753 while we watched some of the eps at her place, Aeryn really just needed to understand women. (Yes, the old mantra, John Crichton=Girl still applies. It always applies.) Also, John and Rose have a lot in common with the whole running off towards the 'safe' boyfriend/girlfriend when things get too tough for them for their 'greater' loves.

But Rose still goes back into the TARDIS with the Doctor and John still accepts his mother's ring from his sister because he's going to be married soon and he needs to wear a prettieth ring he's so going to marry Aeryn and have a thousandthree babies with her. If she doesn't kill him for even suggesting they have any more children after she's experienced a partly human pregnancy/birth.

John loves Aeryn beyond hope but that doesn't mean he won't be a bastard about it and make her suffer. I still think the resolution of the whole lakka issue was a bit weak. Because John looks like a complete idiot in trying to trick Scorpius, Master Manipulator and Sheer Evil Genius. It's like, I want to send him an embroidered pillow with the words, "Scorpy Is So Much Smarter Than You" but I'm not sure that will fit as I plan on making the lettering extra loopy.

Hanging out with elrina753 was lovely as always. Went to Frutti del Mare and it was very nice but even better was the great deal on the food. Yay to Early Bird Specials.

We watched Doctor Who, which I thought was rather lovely and I cheered at the end.

Because I am, as always, completely lame. But Mickey! Oh, Mickey!

Even better than that, while trying to go to sleep, raelala and starstillwonder were playing Oh Mickey, You're So Fine for some reason. And that reason? Was for some awesome kismet.

I am not going to admit that I once knew the moves to that music video or that I used to be able to do them at the drop of a hat. Oh no, I am not going to admit that.

When Mickey responded that he once saved the world with a big yellow truck, that was when I cheered. And then I thought of the Dalek Song and giggled. Dalek. Dalek. Truck.

The evil villain was a little too hysterical with all his "NOOOOOO-ing" and I'm tempted to use my Vader icon, but I won't.

I don't really have any major issues with S2 of Doctor Who to date. I wonder if it's because I've been burnt out on fandom issues that I just wave my hands and go, 'nah, it'll sort itself out in the end, and if it doesn't, I liked this, this, and this, and that's all there is.'

So I liked that Peter Tyler walked away. I liked that Rose had to tell him, because of course she did. Yes, it's a parallel world, but can someone who once tried to save her father, but saw him sacrifice himself for the world, well...I just find myself understanding why Rose behaved the way she did.

I did like in the Confidential that Billie Piper really gets Rose's major weaknesses, her selfishness for one and her desire to have the 'boyfriends' in their proper places.

Killing the Cybermen by basically forcing them to acknowledge themselves as monsters was deliciously fucked up. The one Cyber head exploding was a tad much.

Mrs. Moore rocks. Can't wait to see someone write a fic with her (Angela Price) in 'our' world. Will she still be a hero? A tech expert? The Mickey/Ricky differences were, after all, not that great (Most Wanted for Parking Tickets! Totally dating the cute blonde guy - I cannot believe I just blanked on his name, Jake?). Hell, I liked that Peter Tyler was Gemini, the Peter in 'our' world never quite got to see his potential, in the Parallel world, he did and it cost him Jackie. Ah, I'm rambling a bit.

Oh, and can I mention that the voiceover guy used to explain what's happening onscreen was not a welcome addition to our Doctor Who viewing pleasure. I mean, he made things a lot funnier, 'Rose's long blonde hair whipping in the wind' and what not, but still, c'mon!

Thankfully I have now seen a cleaner version of the ep. Yay.

And in summation: Yay to this ep. Always looking forward to next week.
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