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oh, it's not writer's block at all...

More, it's my own damn fault. I have several stories that I'm working on and because I'm trying to work on all of them at once, I can't write a single one. It's very annoying. Plus, I'm reading Ovid, and I have to stop myself from basing fic on some of the more interesting parts.

"Murder on the Orient Express" was a good book to breeze through, though the ending was ahem, a little...well, I'm not a big fan of mysteries, that genre's never really interested me. But I did enjoy it.

And in more personal news, I finally got a haircut. It was starting to get a little ridiculous, when my hair's waaaay past my waist, it's time to get a trim. It's now around four or five inches past my shoulders, not long for me, but certainly shorter than I usually have it. It's all good though, it's summer!hair.

And because I'm so nice, I lj-cutted my quiz result:

You are the Figher Femme

Which Ultimate Beautiful Woman are You?
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