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Farscape Fic Links

Actually posting from 2006. Ghost of Reg's Future.

Putting down links of Farscape fic, completed and finalized from Levaithan.

mending horizons
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: John/Aeryn
Summary: 'The universe cuts like a knife - the directive cannot fail.'
Author's Notes: Set sometime after S4.

Fantasy, In Technicolor
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: John/Aeryn
Summary: Inside and out, we are what we were. (The black and the white, and the red, white, and blue.)
Author's Notes: Set after S4's "Fetal Attraction." For gatorjen's birthday. Beta'd by jennem

Five Ways to Finish a Raslak
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Furlow has a drink of raslak to celebrate wormholes.
Author Notes: Five drabbles. 500 words total. Five different realities.

Sepia Girl
Rating: R
Pairing: John/Chiana
Summary: An unrealized reality where things go wrong, but oh-so *right.*
Author Notes: Inspired by a challenge at the farscapefriday weekly
drabble site. Season one spoilers for "Durka Returns" and based on the season four episode "Unrealized Reality."

Frail Edges
Pairing: John/Aeryn
Rating: R
Summary: It'll all be fine as long as everything's stripped away and he doesn't have to feel anymore. Snippets from moments; truth dies.
Author Notes: Spoilers: everything up to I Shrink, Therefore, I Am
Tags: farscape fic, fic, fic off-lj links, john/aeryn
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