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a cold and further Farscape ramblings

Really bad, gross cold. Ugh. Yesterday my throat was aching, today my nose is red and sore. It hurts.

Also, my entire face has a general feeling akin to having an elephant stomping out a cha-cha. The pressure is killing me.

I am whining, I know. If I feel like this tomorrow, I am not going into work. No way, man. This is gross.

I want to put a clothespin on the bridge of my nose, that's how insufferable it is.

In non-bitchery news, I watched Dog With Two Bones last night and totally cried. It's really the ep that guarantees tears.

"You wear that dress and somebody is going to marry you." <-- *melts*

"Don't worry about me, I've never felt better." <-- *ZOMG Reference to Dead!John - is dead*

"Do you love John Crichton?" <-- *heart breaks*

"Do you love Aeryn Sun?" "Beyond hope." <-- *thinking, 'god, John, this won't end well'*

"Now what did that taste like?" *hopes*

"Yesterday." *OW!!!*

Hah, even Ben Browder make an exclamation of pain at Claudia Black's delivery of that line.

He also states on the most excellent commentary that this is one his favorite 'eps,' which cracks me up, hearing an actor use the shortened nickname. But the best thing, besides how very smart Ben Browder is (listen to the commentary! Boy knows his stuff, as does Claudia Black, although Ben's memory of what happens in each season is a lot clearer because Ben Browder is a bit of a geek), is this:

Ben Browder reveals that if he showed his Most Favorite Episodes to people who had never seen Farscape before, they would think him insane and think this show was way too WTF (paraphased, o'course).

Hee. And erm, I am in the exact same situation.

I mean, here's just off the top of my head, a quick John Crichton-style Letterman List of Reg's Beloved Eps:

Won't Get Fooled Again
Dog With Two Bones
Die Me Dichotomy
Revenging Angel
Through the Looking Glass
John Quixote
Scratch 'N Sniff
A Human Reaction
Unrealized Reality

And because this is a John Crichton list, there is no number ten, but if there was, there would be Green Eyed Monster. Don't recognize any of those eps? Ask me in the comments and I'll give you a quick breakdown of why I like them. (Most of the answers will be: this is where John gets broken and they do this really, really incredibly fucked up thing that I can't believe they got away with it.)

Only one of those eps is happy (Through the Looking Glass) and it's even addressed as such in the episode ("This is one of the good days!"). Most of the other eps are all about John's mind being fucked with, experiments with messed up narration, extremely important overall season long and series long arc developments, and devasting character growth/destruction.

And now that I think about it, half of those episodes were considered too weird or 'out there' for Farscape fans back in the day when they first aired. Won't Get Fooled Again got incredibly mixed reviews when it first aired, I remember, because I am an old lady, and I read the long threads that hated it and the courageous few who dared to admit their love. It is pretty much my number one episode even though Rygel in Bondage continues to be a part of my nightmares. Along with that fucking painting by Goya of Time devouring a baby.

But if I was reccing to a newbie? I'd have to go with the Premiere and if I was trying to 'hook' them in four episodes or less, then the Look at the Princess trilogy. I do like it well enough, but it seems like a lot of newer fans do tend to get hooked by that trilogy more than I'd think, because the second part of that trilogy really is a lot of filler. You can blame fucking Sci-Fi channel for that, they didn't want a trilogy set, so the FS crew made it into two eps and then Sci-Fi said, 'oh, okay, you can do three eps,' and the FS people went, "uh, okay, let's do more of Zhaan with the Caesar Pizza guy!"

But back to my jumbled point about hooking newbies. Either a person recs the LatP trilogy and hopes for the best or you ask that they watch all of S1, yeah, a near 22 hour investment, I know, with the warning, "if you like dark and fucked up, wait until about Ep 16. After that, there will be no more Light-Hearted Joy. There will only be Pain. Fabulous Pain."

I do not address those that want just sheer HappyFun Times in their shows. Farscape is not that kind of a beast, despite all the hilarity. Hell, Crackers Don't Matter is one of the funniest episodes and that involves a very dark scene where there are severe undertones of rape between two characters who have a complicated friends/boy-and-cute-but-annoying-next-door-younger-girl type of relationship with mild UST. I know. It's just how Farscape rolls.

Season 1 is the happy fun joy time and one of the eps in the first half of the season involves genetic mutalation and dismemberment. And that's the ep that most folk agree as the point where the series finally realized what it was going to be.

God, I love my show.

Also, John's wormhole equations written on his arm are in Dog With Two Bones. Rock. On.

Totally going to be working that into the Doctor Who/Farscape crossover of Doom/Joy.

He will also be writing on the TARDIS because that'll be so damn awesome. And the Doctor can mock him when he gets something wrong. "Do you seriously think that equation is going to do anything but create a perfectly toasted slice of bread?"
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