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Doctor Who "The Impossible Planet"

elrina753 is killing me by showing me screencaps that are unintentionally NAUGHTY.

Okay, the Rocco/Ten hug was yay and Rocco's hair was awesome(I know, that's not his name, but it to me, just as in School Reunion, the villian was Evil!Giles).

And screencaps of the hug make it look a lot less innocent than it may have been. Heeee. Tarina wanted them to jump on a bed, I think this was even better. The Doctor really will hug anyone.

This ep. I swear. I've been pleasified by much in this year, but this ep was just plain awesome. Alien planet! There's evil afoot...could it be Satan? /Church Lady

And it is Satan! Look out, y'all.

Un!Comfortable discussions! Endearing moments! Rose's mascara (for I am the only person in the universe that likes it)!

The Doctor dressed as an astronut!

Question: What is Watfords? Please explain to this confuzzled American what "This is the best Christmas Watford's will ever have" means.

I want to use exclamation points of joy throughout this post, but I shall not, because that is teh lame. Instead I will say I am intrigued and it was so very nice and twisted.

Poor Ood. Rose's attempts to understand them were in no way similar to Hermione's S.P.E.W. actions, Hermione refuses to listen to any of the House Elves whereas Rose was trying to get some context, although she could tell Asshat Guy Who is So Dead's behavior towards them was very Not On.

I doubt the TARDIS is gone forevah, but still, it was a nice and geniune moment and indeed an upgrade from, "The TARDIS is DEAD. Oh wait, no, it's just downtime, let's go muck about Alterna Earth and fight some Cybermen." Here it was the loss of the Doctor's real home and it was a lovely moment.

*is just a big bundle of happy*

Tarina and I are watching Jeeves and Wooster. Which I have never seen before. Hee, seeing Hugh Laurie first in House and now in this. Hee. He's so very different in House. All the piano playing in this though, makes me very happy.

Man, he really does do one of the best American accents out there. Flawless.

Also, Stephen Fry/Jeeves owns all.
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