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My Dirty Fandom Sekrits on the Day of Eeeevil

Now I've been friended by three hate comms. Aww. It's almost endearing if it wasn't a little weird.

Because really, me?

Little ole me?

Does anyone have a question on where I stand fandom-wise? Ask me and I'll tell you.

Because really, I'm almost vanilla-boring when it comes to my fandom stuff. Except when there's dirty, dirty porn and enjoyment of watching heroes getting torture. (Pain/Anyone is the bestest OTP.)

BtVS/AtS tidbits:

I'm a pathetic idiot for thinking Buffy/Angel was lovely and complex and affected both characters deeply.

I'm a sick fuck who was rocked by Lilah/Wes.

I am a crack whore for thinking any combos involving Angel, Spike, Buffy, Faith, and occasionally Wesley, are tasty.

I'm overrated for thinking Angel/Spike was fucking hot.

I enjoyed Angel: The Series a bit more than Buffy the Vampire Slayer, especially as I thought the ending of the series was better.

Farscape, There is Only One Truth:

This show is my joy. It breaks me. It keeps me sane. I have maybe three things I have issues about. (One of those is The Locket and another is fucking I-Yensch, You Yensch. I'll save the third and take it to my grave. Or not.)

Doctor Who, Bright and Shiny:

My shiny and new love. I want to keep it safe, cuddle it, and call it George. Even though it just calls itself Doctor Who. Just The Doctor Who.

I love Nine.

I love Ten.

I would definitely sex up Ten before Nine. Captain Jack being involved would just make it better.

I don't know why I think David Tennant is attractive. Really, I don't. But I do. It's weird.

I love Rose. I love her mascara and eye makeup possibly more than anyone else in this fandom.

Captain Jack!!! That exclamation is all you need to know. !!! = Yay

Rose and the Doctor or the Doctor/Rose fascinates me in many ways. There are tasty layers. Only a couple of them are sexy.

I've been pleased by much of Series Two.

I'm such a moron for loving Rose. I know. I've been told so.

I do not believe this show will break me the same way Farscape has, it will not be that kind of a fandom love. I rather like to take all the fun bits and tap dance over the bad parts.

Other Fandoms:

There hasn't been any hp_hate comms to friend me or any other sort of fandom, but feel free to ask me about my not so dirty secrets.
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