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Oh, Doctor!

I may have watched The Parting of the Ways on Sci-Fi, even though I have it on DVD.

Rose's cries for the Doctor to let her into the TARDIS, that just hit me. It's just...Rose's belief in him, in them succeeding and if they can't, then she has to stand by him to the bitter end.


This episode is so fucking good.

And I love Nine so damn much. I love Nine and Ten equally. Hell yes.

I will not admit to crying, although I may have Rose-style mascara tracks down my face.

Oh those who are seeing it for the first time, *do* tell me your reactions. Even if it's just a lot of vowels. :-)

Also, today is raelala's birthday and apparently Johnny Depp's (which I originally typed as 'Johnny's Depp' which cracked me up). Clearly, these two people sharing a Day of Birth means something.

Happy Birthday, Rae!
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