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Trying to figure out how to change shit on my lj drives me insane. I am such a tech moron. Computer/internet, you have won this round.

Plus I spent many hours today at work fixing glitches in our Outlook contacts which is so not fun. My elbow aches from being propped up on the desk for so long. I still have 150 contacts to correct. Bah.

It's only Tuesday. Oh, how I long for Friday, even though I kind of don't, as there will be construction right in front of our building that day and that's so going to fuck up deliveries. Can't wait! /sarcasm.

Interview With the Vampire just started on Showtime and I'd say that wow, Tom Cruise is so gay in this movie, but I don't want to get suuuuued.

I really need to post my reactions in regards to The Satan Pit. But they are so gushy and inarticulate that I doubt anyone would be willing to read it. Hell, I think I'd look back on them in shame. Doctor Who makes me so giddy and happy and I am glad for it.

Psst, do read my fic, How It's Done, a Doctor/Rose fic all about sex and the Doctor's complicated thoughts on sex. Or not so complicated. Depends on how you tilt your head.

Here endeth the pimping.
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