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Love and Monsters, or How I Learned to Quit Worrying and Love the Jackie Tyler

Man. I was going to post how I laughed a lot and loved it and then the ending o' anvils happened.

No, I'll focus on the positive first, before I do a bit of fussin' and moanin'.

Jackie pwns, y'all. God, she was so, so awesome in the episode. All of it was wonderfully done, her flirting, her friendship with Elton, and finally, her protectiveness of her daughter, even despite the loneliness and the struggle at being a person 'left behind.'

That fucking rocked.

Jackie Tyler, I love you. Yes I do. I'm finally stating it. You rock.

I enjoyed Elton a lot too, he was amusingly geeky and his dancing to ELO was so awesomely bad that you can't help but admire that White Boy Dancing. Why so difficult? It's easy, dancing.

My cool stock will plummet after I say it, but I have to: I kinda really enjoyed the Scooby Doo running around a hallway opening. I was giggling like a maniac. I grew up watching it a lot as a kid (they ran it all the time, seriously!) and then one of your beloved shows (BtVS) totally admits that they're a Scooby Gang, the gag just works.

I'll just briefly say why I was only minutes away from a giddy non-negative post: That Fuckin' Ending.

Okay, I liked the fucked up resolution to Elton meeting the Doctor when he was a kid. The Doctor couldn't save Elton's mother and Elton blocked a lot of it, except meeting him, he even forgot the sound of the TARDIS, right? He only recalls it after the sound is played on the computer.

But, after LINDA takes it upon themselves to sacrifice their nonlives to destroy the alien, Ursula coming back as a slab was just no (c'mon, she's a slab that'll never age and die? Yeah, that's how I'd want to spend an eternity). And an oral sex joke (a love life? Yeah, thanks for burning that image upon my mind, pal) after Elton's 'band' has all been absorbed into the Earth, except his tile girlfriend?

Yeah, no.

The speech at the end, about the Doctor's life, was sort of okay, but really, I don't need to be bashed by an anvil tonight.

Dammit. I could have been on the 'love it' side of this ep (which does have that 'love it or hate it' feel to it, considering Rose and the Doctor were mostly MIA for the ep and it was the old 'let's see their world through an ordinary person's eyes!' plot). But I'm on neiher side.

There's a whole lot I did like, but overall...

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