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no brain, no fic

So I need to go on a quest to search for some inspiration. Or a brain. A brain would be a really nice thing to have. Being that mine was blown last night and now all I have is a pile of dust in a fishbowl.

And I really, really want to write my incredibly wrong Doctor/Rose first time fic of fucked up proportions, although I'm not sure how to steer the line of 'funny and wrong!' and 'dark and wrong!' On one side, it becomes a crappy humor fic, that'll become rather underwhelming the other way, it will become the most fucked up thing I have ever wrote and that disturbs me profoundly. And I've written/alluded to some fucked up shit, thank you, you deliciously messed up boys, Remus and Sirius.

Because y'all, I am putting in 'red bicycle when you were twelve' and it's reading as a 'sweet' moment as I edit it. Mostly because it's Rose unknowingly meeting the Ninth Doctor after he's vanquished an evil bicycle vendor who was going to do a Pied Piper thing with all the kids in London (mwuh ha ha!) and figured out at least with bicycles, they'd follow faster.

And soon after that sort of nice little bit, I'm writing Rose's first sexual experience and god, god, god, where is my brain?

I need to figure out how to make this work, dammit.

Because I've got Rose watching Jimmy Stone perform at some club with a fake I.D. (have to check that this is possible) as she and Shareen scored some fake I.D.s and she gets a bit tipsy and meets this cute older guy and well, god, it's going to be so wrong.

Also, is it wrong that I want to included the 'Take me, Time Lord' joke (because it really is funny, even when it's meant siriuslyseriously in a fic) and have it end with Rose slapping the Doctor upside the head? Much like her Mum did when she was raging at the Doctor for Rose's year long disappearance?

Yes, sorry. I'll slink off to my corner of having no brain.

ETA: *kicks self for fucked up formatting*
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