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Freedom in the key of A

In otherwords, I'm now freeeeeeeee.

Well, a freedom of fic writing variety. I finally, finally finished 'mending horizons.' I just have to do an edit and make sure it fits well (it's broken into five parts).

It wasn't that I couldn't work on other stuff, it's just that I didn't want to break up the flow of the story by trying to do other things. Which meant that all my other fics got pushed to the backburner.

But I have time now, I do have a week of steady employment starting tomorrow (hooray for gettin' paid!), and I'm going on vacation on the 20th, but I certainly feel less blocked. Well, blocked is not the right word. I felt more rushed.

I don't like not finishing things and by working on too many projects, I get so distracted that I can't work on any of them. So now I have all this wips to finish up, one of which has around five pages of notes and should have been finished a month ago.

Alas, thus is the life of a slacker.

The 4th of July was a magnificient day of food, pools, and fireworks. Much fun was had by all.

And I should go to sleep.
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