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Doctor Who: Fear Her

Oh, here goes all my street cred.

Iz ded. Damn that preview for next week. That had a Farscapian level of "we are all so very fucked!" going on and I'm getting a horrible Die Me Dichotomy sense of Bad Things. Or possibly a Bad Timing feeling. With "the last story" and John's goodbye message to his dad. (*sobs in memory*)

ZOMG, if this show makes me cry because of its season finale AGAIN, I will be pissed.

Rose is love.

I have been watching too much Supernatural because watching her take a pick axe to the tarmac AND the door makes my cracked out brain think, "she should totally meet up with Dean Winchester and they could fight an alien that Dean thinks is a demon and they'll dig up a grave and break down doors and it'll be awesome!"

Shut up.

The Doctor is vain. Hee. His hands aren't terribly manly and hairy though, they are VERY nice and long and tapered. Mmm.

Bellino is 0 for 2 in the good parenting department. One kid grows up to fuck her brother, the other gets possessed and tries to steal the world not to be lonely AND almost creates Evil!Dad into a superpowered monster as opposed to a regular monster.

Oh, and Bellino? When someone tells you to watch your child, who is possessed by a superpowered being that can STEAL PEOPLE AND TRAP THEIR SOULS OMG, don't fucking pick up the phone and chat, keep an eye on your kid!

That said, y'all should know I love Bellino. Just not her parenting skillz.

Okay, so have the Doctor-is-Asexual-And-Has-No-Family theory been finally put to bed? He was a daddy, y'all.

And something bad is coming. Just fucking great. I will prepare the tissues forthwith.

Now to get back to addicting my sister Cuppy. Our crack? Supernatural. We're on Ep 20, yo. Dead Man's Blood. Dean!Angst fills me with joy.
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