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I was a taller girl too, once.

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blessed be

I finished my Doctor Who Kink Fic, y'all.

Thank the gods.

Sadly half of the porny situations in my notes were not explored. Shall have to save them for a rainysunny day. And I need to write Jack. I long to write Jack.

Next deadline approaching: Doctor Who Crossover fic. I've got Post-Its all over my room of John quotes. Ones that I hope are quite comical and endearing. Because the plot (there's an actual plot!) is depressing and sad and soul-crushing. Just how I like to treat my John.

And I think I'm going to write a smut-tastic trilogy of Faith/Dean Winchester hotness. Mmm. Already have a (working) title for the first part: Sasprilla Boots.

Will post kink fic later. I will probably wake up tomorrow horrified and ashamed by the things I did to the Doctor and Rose in that fic. And then I will lament all the things I didn't get to write. Y'all, it was over 8,000 words. I had to let it end sometime.

Now? I wait. 78% baby. Oh yeah.
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