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I was a taller girl too, once.

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these are my thoughts when utterly bored

I am so bored and I need to stop looking at my email inbox as it depresses me. No new mail. *sobs*

This day was so LONG. I did far too many loads of laundry and was boxed up in my room because for some reason, the A/C was forbidden downstairs. It was frelling hot today yo. I have no tolerance for heat.

Am Peacekeeper.

Hmm, if I was a Peacekeeper, I would probably be a Peacekeeper Barbie. I would totally work for Scorpius yo. I wouldn't mind shoving the rods (insert the rod!) into his brains and I could totally look mean and wear a long and colorful wig and tons of makeup.

That means I'd probably get killified by John Crichton, but well, there are worse ways to die.

And really, Scorpius is awesome and it seems he doesn't try to make out with his Peacekeeper Barbies (so hopefully I could hook up with some hotties of the Larraq variety on the down-low, that's just how we Peacekeepers do it, y'all).

God, I should stop admitting my love for Scorpius. One of these days, people are going to stop taking me seriously.

Oh wait, no ever takes me seriously. *wipes forehead*

I am all a buddle of nerves when it comes to the Doctor Who finale next week. I may need to like, have a support group intact lest I explode.

Perhaps I should do some Farscape angst therapy prior - if I'm already broke dead by Won't Get Fooled Again, Die Me Dichotomy, Infinite Possibilities, Dog With Two Bones, and er...Unrealized Reality, and oh, The Peacekeeper Wars - then maybe, just maybe, I'll be ready for the finale.

Yeah right.
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