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"No, *I* loved him!"

I'm sorry for that subject line. Had something of a mini-Veronica Mars marathon yesterday with elrina753 and raelala when I went over for the 4th. We got up to Clash of the Tritons, yay.

And me and Rae kept on saying that infamous Weevil line from S2. Even though Tarina hasn't seen any of VM yet because we're evil and we chatted a bit about S2 when Tarina wasn't listening. I think I'll have to rewatch S2 when it comes out on DVD and decide how I feel about Plot Stuff (I have some Issues with some Plot stuff and Characterizations).

No, I loved him!

Man!Pain, y'all. Dean Winchester may excel at his lovely Man Pain, but Weevil and Logan have Man Pain as well. Although Logan's Pain is less Mannish than Weevil and Dean. Lggan is a walking Chick Flick Moment.

Also, we all agreed that we would like to have the following: a Keith (best TV dad evah), a Wiedman (sometimes you just need a guy who'll take care of the grisly details), a Wallace, a Mac, and a Weevil (because sometimes you need to call in a biker gang leader). A Logan is only okay sometimes as Logans are unstable and Dangerous Creatures.

I keep on saying I need to post about my mad crazy love for Dean and Jensen Ackles's performance, but it'll be so gushy and there will be much flailing. Oh Supernatural, your awful plot resolutions, crap CGI, horrific cinematography, and bad guest stars are so endearing. The Little Show That Was Suprisingly Enjoyable.

The fireworks were very explodey and verra, verra long. To the point where people would clap in a "yay, that was a great end!" and then there would be more. Hee.

We had a pretty great view, although it was partially blocked and sort of bisected the field of vision. Despite that, I loved watching the fireworks. Shit blowing up and sparkling across the sky, yeah, now that's American.

I am incredibly amused that I came over to watch Army of Ghosts with elrina753 and we never got around to it. Heh. That's called avoidance. I'm looking forward to and dreading Saturday. Will be very Zen on Saturday lest I give myself a heart attack.

Plus I need to rewatch the two parter on Sunday when my sister Cuppy comes back from vacation.

I am really glad I took today off and I need to think about eating now, considering all I had today was a bottle of Arizona Green Tea (and only half a bottle because there was something off putting about the taste).

Also, I am finally dry after having to walk around the city looking for a taxi and getting partially drenched. Goddamn it. I like rain when I don't have to walk around in it. Then when I finally get a taxi, he drops me off at a part of Penn Station that is very, very sucktastic and it was POURING at the time and I got drenched again. Fucking lovely, that was.

Blah, I really need to have lunch before I pass out.
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