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Doctor Who Doomsday


Okay, I am VERY glad the ep of Farscape I saw RIGHT before this episode was Dog With Two Bones. Because I always lose it at the part where John dances with Aeryn, just before it all goes to hell.

Then comes the coin toss and the goodbye and it's like, heart? I had one once, I think it was ripped out.

God, Rose. I will miss your mascara so much.

Doctor. You wonderful idiot. To quote an awesome Peacekeeper, the radiant Aeryn Sun, You and your bad timing.

And no, Doctor, there is no Rose and Mickey. There's Mickey/Jake. Also, Mickey is awesome.

Thank god Jackie is still alive and awesome. But that's...good to be weird, hooking up with your alt!husband. "How very?" Oh Jackie.

The Doctor just wants to be king of Emo!land. Seriously.

Daleks talking smack was genius. I love their bitchy voices. They pwned the Cybermen.

Oh, and before I mull over the delicious angst, I must add that the music during the end bit with Rose's dream was really lovely and affecting. Bless her for taking on a role at Torchwood. And bless her for saying the words, even as much as they hurt. Wonderful stuff there.

Back to Angst!land, population: Doctor. I can totally work John Crichton as a reluctant, emo-filled companion now. The Doctor will take care of the mysterious with the bride lady (and I do look forward to the Christmas ep, although I'm far more keen on Captain Jack and Torchwood in October), and then pick up John post-Dog With Two Bones.

I mean, I'll start writing the fic after I figure out where the remaining bits of my heart went.

All in all? Thank god they didn't kill Rose. My sister Cuppy will be very pleased. She's coming home in a couple of hours and I promised we'd watch the two-parter together.

I think I'm really okay with how it ended from a writerly stand point.
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