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I'm not friending this and I friended the original post, so let me just say right off the bat, sorry for the confusion.

Ooh boy, that's a leetle too early to ramble.

Okay, so there was this person who came up to me in NYC and was like, "Have you ever thought of being a model?"

And my answer was, "Er...no." Because I have been carefully conditioned to think of myself as uuuuugly and hate my appearance. (Thanks high school!)

Anyways, she was trying to get me to go down for an evaluation and I was all, "Um, I have something to do uptown."

So she gives me her card and tries to convice me to call and that I can come down that week (I can't, I had school) or the weekend (can't, had work).

I go home. Tell my parents. My dad is all, it's a scam. My mom was like, call my friend, she's been in acting/modeling!

I do not. I don't call. I think it was a joke or something.

So, let's flash foward to today. I'm sitting out back with my mom, the above-mentioned friend, and another friend who has recently moved back to our area.

Anyways, the subject of a modeling agency somehow comes out and my friend says, "blah blah...Wilhelmina and Ford are major agencies."

My face must have shown what I was thinking.

Which was, "Oh fuuuuuuuuuuck."

And I found the card I was given, because I hadn't thrown it out, and I showed it to my friend.

The name of the agency on the card? Wilhelmina.


My friend told me, "Do you realize I would have given my right arm to get a card like this. AND YOU DIDN"T CALL THEM BACK?!!!"

I. Am. A. Dumbass.

I talked to jennem about it and I am now going to have to call tomorrow. I seriously, seriously doubt that they would be interested. I in fact doubt that they would even want to see me.

But if I don't call them I will have my ass kicked. Which I should.

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