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"She turned me into a newt!...I got better."

I'm probably messing that line up. I expect someone to correct it.

So, last night. Got exactly four hours of sleep between 5 AM and 9 AM-ish. Lovely.

After going through all my lj posts (Jesus I am whiny) back from the very beginning, I only found one reference to posting the Lost Fic, redefining the universe. And I didn't. Of course.

So this morning, my brain, still sort of running on fumes, goes, "hey, isn't there like a back up CD that was made of your old laptop files over a year ago?"

And yes there is.

Only it is missing. Fuck. Tore apart my room looking for it. No sign of it. Fantabulous.

However, I did find some old hard disks (floppies) under my glass table/book-shelf-by-proxy. And I actually labelled some of them, which is hilarious because I rarely remember to label shit. And one of them? "Fic: redefining the universe."

One problem of course.

We have four computers in the house: 3 laptops and a home computer. Guess what they don't have? That's right, a drive for diskettes.

So now I have to figure out how the hell I can get this fic out of the disk, even if it's an old copy, it's at least something and I can work from it.

And I don't even know if it's going to be workable because I haven't used this disk in nearly two years.


There's hope.

Just no way of opening it.

ETA: adrenya is awesome and corrected me. It's newt, not squirrel. Heh.
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