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And in other words...

I'm going on vacation on Sunday. And I won't be back until the next Sunday.

I will be without internet for a week.

I have no idea how I'll deal with this.

I do know that if I don't finish alligator alley by Friday, I'm just not finishing it. It's run out of steam and if I can't wrap it up in five pages or less, I simply can't work on it.

Plus I want to spent part of the week working on a sekret fic because if I say what it is, I'll probably never finish it, like all those other stories now burnt on the backburner.

I may have a part-time job for the fall. This is good. I may also be working at the writing center as a tutor, which is also good.

I will have to completely change my schedule. Which I don't mind. It annoys me that I just need three more classes for my major and I'll be done.

Did I mention I'm going in as a junior next year? Yeah.

Anyways, I'm taking two English classes next semester because all the other choices suck, as I really don't want to take another American Lit. class. Plus the class I want to take, English Renaissance, isn't offered until spring.

But I'm currently engrossed in vacation planning. I'm cooking most of the meals for a total of seven people. And it's helllllll. Doing shopping lists suxs, yo.

And my mom isn't helping because every time I ask about something, she's like, "maybe we should bring up tomatoes, because they won't have any and we need to bring onions because they won't have any."

Um, we're not going to the desert. We're going to the Poconos. And we have family there, so I think they've survived, so there must be food.

Oh, also? I get to say, "I told you so."

To: torchthisnow
Re: Farscape

Dear Miss Molly,
I told you so. Leather pants. Hotpants and stockings. Arms of Hotness. Leather. Chemistry. Humor. Puppets. John Crichton.


Told ya so.

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