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"Why is he on his knee?" "I think he hurt himself."

Dear god, I actually watched I Yensch, You You Yensch today. My Worst. Episode. Ever. for Farscape.

You may be asking why?

To cleanse my mind of the puppet!sex in Fractures?

Because if I watch Dog With Two Bones ago, I might actually break my tear ducts?

I don't know. All I know is that episode STILL manages to be just as sucktastic as it was when I first saw it. Oh ho, that was just a fucking great start to the S3 four ep finale after waiting seven frikkin' months. I hate you, Matt Ford (writer of the ep). And because it took seven frikkin' months, I was as all spoiled as one could be back then, as the UK always got to see the tail end of Farscape's seasons prior to the US.

So yeah, going into the four eps, I knew exactly what the Big Reveal at the end of Dog With Two Bones was. Didn't stop it from being as soul-crushing painful when John finally realizes the truth.

Mmm, I know, I really do have a lot of Farscape on the brain - it's the semi-intended Summer O' Farscape here. I am now really impatient for the next starburst collection so that I can watch the awesome trilogy of Unrealized Reality/Kansas/Terra Firma once again. Comes out August 8th, I believe, so yay.

And man, when will the last disk of S4 be released? I haven't seen those eps in years and damn, watching Farscape fanvids and listening to snippets from the later S4 eps reminds me just how deliciously fucked up anad awesome it all was. And there is no way I'm going to be purchasing the old ADV releases of S4 - I'm going to collect the rest of Farscape all in starburst editions so they can be all in a shiny row.

Heck, I even searched through my unmarked but well taped over VCR tapes, but I only taped up to Unrealized Reality, because I am a moron. I also discovered I have Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead on tape, which amused me far more than it should.

Finally, because I can't blather about Farscape without mentioning it at least once: John Crichton = girl.

It's true, y'all.
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