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it's freakin' chorizo!

Oh, such a mistake to watch Ready Steady Cook on youtube so late at night. I mean, it was adorable seeing David Tennant spaz out in the kitchen (he really needed that drink at the end of the show, man) and watching his father pwn the universe even though he was making food I would never eat (haggis).

But the chef who was paired up with David Tennant?

OMG STOP SAYING CHORIZO. It's comprised of hard sound, there is no fucking soft 'th' sound in that goddamn word. The alphabet is ah, bay, say, chey - FUCKING CHEY. Hard CH - not a fucking tho-ithitho or whatever the fuck. YOU ARE HURTING MY SOUL.

I don't even think that he was using a dialet of Spain, dude (the one that has the lisping and the TH sound, thus responsible for wacky misunderstandings of the correct way to say Ibiza). And if someone corrects me and says, actually he was saying it right? It's not right to my Puerto Rican soul.

David Tennant? Bless you for saying it right. Also, you are hot.

But you already knew the second part.
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