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Damn, I feel like I utterly wasted tonight.

Also someone needs to stop me or I'm going to have Faith call Dean 'Dorothy' in Part 2 of my ongoing sexy, cracktastic series of Faith 'N Dean Are Teh Hotness.

*slaps hands and deletes 'dorothy' yet again from fic*

Editing sucks for me. I know I'm just not happy with something in this fic (that would be Sarsaprilla Boots, yes, I'm going with that spelling, finally made a decision), but I'm not quite sure what it is.

There's something off and it's annoying me.

Also, I'm watching Dark Angel on Sci-Fi and it's really not good. Was hoping to catch a young!Jensen Ackles as Ben, but it looks like his episode is not on tonight, alas.

I've already seen The Berrisford Agenda and have died. Cause of death is related to Glasses!Ackles.

I mentioned this sorta in a lj comment, but you know, if I stop sucking and relearn how to properly write fic again (because I still feel off my game, I'm still not used to writing on this laptop), I'm looking forward to writing Supernatural gen fic.

Once upon a time I would have felt guilty for admiting that.


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