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A post before I go...

If you can't see fic here titled "Alligator Alley" it's because I had no time to write it.

My knee got worse yesterday and now my other knee is hurting because I've been putting more pressure on it.

It's not like I'm going on vacation to the mountains or anything.

Oh. Wait.

Yes, I'm going on vacation tomorrow. I'm not packed yet. I have all my clothes out though, so I'll be done soon enough.

What really sucks is that the person who was coming up with my family decided she didn't have "any money" and couldn't come with us tomorrow.

She told us this today.

At 6 P.M.

So now, the villa that we rented for her will be empty. There is no need for FIVE people to have two sections of a villa rented out, especially considering these villas are HUGE and...gah.

She fucked us over, man.

I'm angry. Because she could have told us this A WEEK ago. Or...she could have been upfront and said she couldn't go. It's not like we were asking her to pay tons of money. All she had to pay for was gas, tolls, and some money for food. That's it.

I'm mad because she has a pick-up truck and because she told us she was going, we bought all our food and now, we have NO WHERE to put it.

I'm mad because she told us TODAY. Because at THREE PM when my mom talked to her, they were making plans about leaving tomorrow. And at SIX, she flaked out.

So...this already sounds like a fantastic trip huh?

We don't have any room for our food.

We have an empty villa.

And I can't walk without hobbling.

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