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sadly, I have no cookies today

Tonight I was going to bake chocolate chip cookies but I decided not to, in favor of doing laundry and dealing with my LEAKING eyes, wtf.

*dabs corners of eyes*

I am much pleased that others enjoy the cracked out genius that is Dean/Faith. For you see, I am pimping mah fic herewith thusly etc & etc. Go read Sasprilla Boots and acknowledge that this is the Crossover OTP of Awesomeness.

Also, faith_dean is a brilliant idea. Go join. It is lovely.

We lost power here for a couple of hours, thankfully I was on my way home, so I just met up with my mom to have dinner elsewhere. Originally we planned to go to the the Spanish restaurant of joy, but it's in the same town and they had no power. Whoops.

So we went to an Indian place. The air conditioning? Sadly lacking, but not too bad, I was stuck in the office all day and was glad to be able to take off my jacket. I hate going outdoors during insanely hot days like this and I've been cooped up in the office for the past three days. That's how I beat the heat - I disengage.

Mango lassi = delicious as always. The chicken curry was v. good, the samosas are awesome and the chicken naan was a bit burnt sadly.

Because of leaking!eyes, I haven't been able to continue on with the next part of my Dean/Faith series (yes, it's a friggin' series - at least four parts planned at the moment and a possible fifth part depending on the second season of SPN - I have a Plotbunny, but I don't want to go insanely AU, you know, beyond the crossover crackfic).

Right now Dean and Faith are chilling at a diner over some pancakes and I think they're gonna end up having sex on the Impala. As you do.
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