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give a little wank in the key of Doctor Who


Fucking seriously?

Where in the goddamn universe is wearing a reasonable, freakin' conservative jacket and pants considered dressing like a whore? Other in repressive societes that have no respect for women and would be happy to throw on burqas and veils and deny them the ability to enjoy having a goddamn body

Yes, I'm refering to teh wank over at time_and_chips. I'm disgusted.

I'm also very amused that Martha is called a chav considering well...Rose. Rose was gloriously awesome in her chavvtastic ways.

I don't know who Martha is. We don't have any info other than what's released. And from what's released, she's awful purdy and I think her hairstyle is bitchin'. And I think her outfit is great. Cuz I'm a whore apparently.

Dude, that's so wrong. And I'm a person who throws out those words as a joke (and vice-versa: I would not be insulted if a friend called me a 'ho or 'mah bitch' good-naturally because they're stupid words). But to say that outfit shows that she's a whore, that's honestly disgusting and so reflective of that anti-women slant that fandom (which is female populated in most areas) just loves to project.

Fucking hell, how much can you hate yourself? How can you honestly defend calling out a woman for DRESSING IN CLOTHING? It's not even 'dressing normally' or 'dressing slutty' - it's just dressing in clothes.

Personally, I'm a very conservative dresser. That's just my own hang ups and that I like to be comfortable - I'm barely comfortable in a skirt tha goes past my knees - and I tend to wear sleeves that go down to my elbow. That's just how I roll.

But people, really, how can you say that a woman is slutty for dressing nicely? HOW CAN YOU DO THAT? What the fucking fuck?

I have no opinion on Martha - no hateration here, yo. The actress is very attractive, is styling her hair awesomely (I just love that look so, so much) and her leather jacket rocks.

People who are hating on her cause me to do the wonky rage face, which makes me angry and then I do Death Glare of Doom and anyone who shall look in my direction shall liquify and skeletonify a la Indiana Jones.

And while I have Opinions on Ten's new love of super duper blueberry blue, I will see how it works onscreen.

Because I'm fucking Zen like that.
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