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my exciting weekend plans

Totally have a lot of things to do this weekend. And one of them may include getting a haircut which is always a Big Deal because I have very long hair and I'm going *glup* let my sister cut it.

She's licensed, so it's not like she doesn't know what she's doing. However the last time she cut my hair, a couple of years back, it did not go well. And I nearly killed her for it. (Not really.)

I probably won't cut off a lot, I like having long hair, it's just that I really need it a bit shorter. It's getting a bit silly.

Also I totally need to finish Part Two of my Faith/Dean crackfic. I haven't been feeling well this week so I put it off, just going back on the same parts, thinking to myself, "God I suck." I have a positive outlook on life.

Mmm, also my poor car needs to be washed. It looks terribly dusty, which is really funny considering it's parked in a garage when I'm at work and all I do is drive it to and from work.

And I took home work that I didn't get to complete. It's okay - I'm just figuring out how to use overblown words to describe projects. Blah.

Now I shall wander off in search of a meal that hopefully does not include a TV dinner and then I have to redo my nails because I had fucking stress breaks and after getting my nails even and to the perfect length, I broke four nails. Dammit, I wanted to put on nail polish this weekend. I haven't worn nail polish in like a year.

*curses self for spazztastic ways*
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