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ramblings on faith/dean fic

OMG, I am at 5000 words for Part Two of the Faith/Dean fic and I still have the sex scene to get to. Argh. Stupid sexy Faith and Dean.

I am so tired. I will have to finish this on Monday and then hopefully do final editing on Tuesday. I hope that will happen, but with me being a slacker, there's always a chance I'll put it off again, which makes me sad mostly cause I'm enjoying writing most of this part now that I'm nearly the end (heh). It's really the set up part though, having to string together the BtVS/AtS universe also getting in my Faith/Wes OTP subtext and the SPN universe.

Plus I need to write Sam into the next part and gah, I'm actually scared. Dean I get. I adore Dean. Sam will not be easy to write for me because I don't feel I get him as much and I hate not doing a character justice.

The next part is also completely a hurt/comfort fic because I'm shameless. It's called Kidney Punch, c'mon! Part Four is going to be snarky and sexy and totally a booty call. I really need write get some Faith snark about SPN vamps and that 'mate for life' bullshit.

"Vampires. Mate. For life." Faith works these words out, rolling them on her tongue. It's fucking distracting. "Guess I win the bet about Angel and Spike. Buffy's gonna be pissed."

Heh. Or something like that.

By the way, writing when you've burnt the fingertip of your middle finger is pretty stupid because now my hand feels even worse.
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