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when your bed is nearly set on fire, you may need a new a/c adapter

My laptop is on vacation. My power a/c adapter showed me some love in the hazardous sparks of near fire while my laptop was still on my bed.

My battery is at 15%, so I can't start up my laptop. Oh, and I was told it takes 8-10 business days for my replacement cord to arrive. Fuckers.

No fic for a while, but that doesn't matter, considering no one reads what I write and whatever.

Let's hope that I get the cord sooner that later.

Plus, my Tenth Kingdom DVD has gotten even worse and now I can't even play the first disc. *mopes* That's my bad TV treatment for when I'm feeling this crappy and I can't enjoy the horribleness of the plot and the awesome of Wolf.


Also, I am thinking of setting up a poll on my lj this week to ask y'all what you'd want me to write. Or if you want me to stop writing fic entirely. I'm...very bummed out about not getting any response to stuff that I've been putting a hell of a lot of time into.
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