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Fandoms Collide

I love that John Barrowman plays a character named Jack in De-Lovely. I do not love his little screentime. I do love him singing Night and Day. I really loved how bummed my mom was when I told her he was gay.

I bet his character in The Producers was named Jack too, just for the hell of it. Also, that movie was surprisingly not good, which I really did not expect. And not enough John Barrowman to make up for the suck. You really could tell that this was the director's first shot at directing a film. Taking out "The King of Broadway" was a major mistake too. And hell, all I know about The Producers is what I gleaned from that season of Curb Your Enthusiasm, where Larry David gets the part of Max and spends the rest of the season preparing for it and making good on his 10th year wedding anniversary present. That's my favorite season of the show. It's so ridiculous and has the best season finale twist.

I think I'm going to watch PK Tech Girl tonight. While Jacob's recaps can be maddening sometimes (I...seriously considered getting drunk to read some of his Doctor Who recaps), he's doing a pretty good job with Farscape, mostly because with Farscape, a lot of the subtle and hidden messages ARE intended or are at the very least placed there with the ability to turn into something deeper. Karen Shaw, y'all.

Nothing like some tasty Farscape to get my mind off my computer worries. BTW, I am currently typing on my sister's Dell and it is WEIRD. I miss my HP laptop. I've become so used to it.

Pimpage for my beloved flist: A Rose Gen ficathon over at rose_lives, is right here. Go forth and write of tales of the fabulous Miss Rose Tyler, Wearer of Awesome Mascara.

I am so proud of my Sister K. She's almost fully caught up with House. We just watched my favorite episode, Three Stories. I got her hooked on a fanvid and we watched some of S2, out of order. Now she's watching S1 mostly on her own when she's home, I pop in when a particular favorite is on and to say, "Shut up, Cameron," because I'm a brat.

Oh, and speaking of fandoms colliding, I am totally writing a Doctor Who/The Colbert Report crossover. Totally. I've got The Word, Better Know a Companion, the Doctor being interviewed by Colbert, and The Threatdown. Heres' a spoiler: Bears are on the threatdown. Because they're godless killing machines.

At least they're not Hollywood Bears. Then they would be Godless Sodomite Killing Machines.

And they'd still vote the same way and Colbert would lose to Barry Manilow!
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