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fandom = funny, even when scary

dw_anon is eating my brain. Siriusly. I am exhausted.

I don't think anyone else can comprehend how delighted I am that I got away with posting a fic about Rose's mascara. I am smiling, y'all.

I now have 99 fics in my memories? How did that happen? Aww.

Also, tagging old fics? Very interesting.

When my brain regenerates (oh noes, does this mean I need to get another body and I shall no longer be 'ginger'?), I shall go back to working on Faith/Ghost!Wes. And then trudge onto the Faith and Connor part that shall be boring because there will be no porn. Alas.

One thing I loved about the dw_anon comments: someone posted bitching about the kink ficathon. Because yes, there was a shocking lack of kink. Maybe because I've come from such deliciously kinky fandoms, I was disappointed. Ah, bless you, A:tS/BtVS & Farscape. Hell, even you, HP, even though your kink stuff usually terrifies me.

Fandom is hilarious sometimes.

Also, I so need to hang with elrina753 and listen to the Farscape commentary on the Kansas ep. Ben Browder is hilarious.
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