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lemons squares are satan's dessert of choice

Damn. Those lemon squares that came with our catered lunch at work today were hella delicious.

I am in a total food coma. Still. There were leftover sandwiches and brownies and lemon squares so I took some home with me and ngfgh.

Good fic things: I can totally see a part 6 to my Faith/Dean series. Huzzah. Not too sure about the title yet. Does Truth Whammy (And Other Myths About Lying That Aren't True) sound silly? Still trying to decide how to figure it out, I would like to use the word whammy because it's fun to say. But then, the other titles for the up coming parts are Kidney Punch (Part 3), Liquid Wood (4), and Hurricane Window (5).

My sister is sick and I'm tending to her. I am also impatiently waiting for my SPN DVDs to arrive. Commentary! I've already, uh, seen the gag reel and Day in the Life.

To badly misquote an ep of Grey's Anatomy: "Why is Jensen Ackles throwing knives?"

Answer: "To turn me on."
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