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My Crack OTP Crossover, Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Faith/Dean

Because of my shoddy memory, the following tale, for your viewing (possible) pleasure is herewith recorded. It is a tale of a show about two hot guys and their sexy Metallicar, my love of a rogue Slayer with an ache to make up for past deeds, a weekend of insomnia, and the madness inspired by a TwoP PC challenge.

That was the thing that started it all. For while I knew of Supernatural, I had no actual desire to watch it. It was on the WB, I didn't have the time, I had a thing, whatever. There may have even been actual reasons for not watching the show. In truth, I had no real reason other than this one: I just didn't tune in and watch it.

If you had asked me in May what Supernatural was about, I would have said, "That's about the two brothers who everyone thinks are totally fucking, right? They're apparently really hot and carry big honking guns. And they hunt ghosts. Oh, and the heart patient Denny (from Grey's Anatomy) is their father."

Ah, but in June, I was given a sudden crash course in the wonders of SPN. On or about June 15th (I love saying 'on or about' - it makes it look like I know what I'm doing), TwoP began one of their weekly PC challenges. For those unaware, it's a challenge were you are given a theme and then post pics or manips that are hopefully funny and usually the images are from TV shows (there are some exceptions). Often there are in-jokes carried from previous PCs. This one was called "My Motivation Is This..."

It freaking exploded. I became addicted to reading the thread and giggling. The thread is actually still active.

And then people started posting Supernatural images. And I learned the following:

a) Holy shit, that's Dean Winchester? He's fucking hot! What's the actor's name? Jensen Ackles? He's really, really pretty.

b) That's Sam Winchester in that towel? ...dude. But he really needs a haircut. I hope it isn't like that all the time.

c) Someone posts a picture of Faith with the tag line "Bow-hunting is an important skill"

So my mind process is as follows -> Supernatural Has Pretty People -> I Must See This Show -> For Some Reason There is a Joke About Faith's Bowhunting -> Apparently Dean likes bowhunting from what I gathered from the thread

Naturally my reaction is I must see this show.

Now, I don't have the exact date of when someone posted an image of Faith and Dean (and if I keep on skimming the thread, my eyes will fall out) but I saved it July 5th to my computer. It was by hakirby at TwoP and has the following line: "RELATIONSHIPS. Are built upon shared values. Personalities fit over time." And this is a pic of Dean bowhunting and Faith bowhunting.

On or about June 16th, I watch the first two episodes of Supernatural. I know I'm hooked. I spend a sleepless weekend watching the rest of the series. The next two weeks are spent addicting my sister Cuppy (I make reference to watching it with her on June 19th) and after that, my Sister K.

Supernatural is becoming my crack comfort food.

On June 27th, I begin writing Sasprilla Boots. I post a question about Dean/Faith being teh sex and get several responses that "duh, of course it is." Which is true.

And that's how it started.

Sometime in July, I vaguely learn that one of the writers of Tru Calling (Eliza Dushku's FOX show) based a character on Jensen Ackles (because she admired his acting ever since she saw him audition for Dark Angel as Ben), the thought of seeing the ED pretty with the JA pretty has invaded my brain. However, I do not stumble across the writer's blog until August, via the TwoP SPN thread (alas, I do not remember which thread it was exactly nor did I save the writer's livejournal, but she is on livejournal). She also wrote the House episode "House Vs. God" which was one of the best of S2.

On July 24th, I post a silly poll about Supernatural. I had flocked a draft of my Dean/Faith fic the night before. marenfic had pointed the lovely femmenerd in my direction. She shows me a post of Faih/Dean recs she has collected.

Awesome. Soon after, she mentions that she's going to open a comm to post Faith/Dean fic. faith_dean goes live in August.

So that's the how of the matter, some of the what. As for the why, that one is obvious. Faith and Dean Winchester = incredibly sexy, fun, possibly angsty and utterly hot.
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