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Fic Rec and SPN Bloopers for Teh Win

Getting entire family hooked on Supernatural = very amusing. The Bloopers reel continues to slay me. "We're Chippendale dancers." "Can we come in?"

Heh, I'm sure someone's already written that fic.

Also, I am proud of my flist's response to my Very Important Supernatural poll. No one picked the Ceiling Demon for worst bad guy (and he isn't, so good on ya! He called Papa Winchester's body a meat suit. Awesome and gross). The winner was the Demonic Racist Ghost Truck.

And I think we all learned something. Sure, you had a tough day at work. You came home, had a drink, watched some TV, died and your spirit became a ghost truck bent on running over black people, and then you snuggled up in your bed. Fun right?


Don't be a Demonic Racist Ghost Truck.

[cue The More You Know music]

Ah, now that won't ever be a problem again. (Paraphrased from Scrubs)

And "Driver picks the music" won for best Dean moment in the Pilot ep. Awesome.

I'd give out prizes, but instead, I shall tell my flist, with a commanding eyebrow cock that means I am Very Serious, to go read femmenerd's epic Faith/Dean fanmix/fanfic Glimpses. It is not only awesome, but it comes with its very own soundtrack. Dean, Faith, & Sam POVs, a lovely scene with Faith and Angel, and just some excellent, gorgeous language to read and enjoy. Also, hot sex.

But really, hot sex is guaranteed when it comes to Faith/Dean.
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