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Jack Harkness For the Win

Still delaying my Doctor Who/The Colbert Report crossover (mostly because it's all humor and I fear writing humor).

Have y'all seen the new CW promo pics for Supernatural? This one is just of Jensen Ackles as Dean, not spoilery at all (unless you considering smokin' hotness a spoiler). Scroll down.

Do you see that?

No, not the zipper area. The suspenders. Do you see those?

Yeah. Um. So a thought came into my mind.

"You know, Captain Jack Harkness is supposedly working at Torchwood around the same time as SPN takes place."

And then I think, "No I can't do that! I've always considered Dean so very straight and I was going to write gen & het in this fandom. Gen & het!"

But Captain Jack Harkness will not be denied. Even though I didn't even think I'd attempt to write him until I got to see a few eps of Torchwood in order to gain a better understanding of his character (so many blank spots in his past = makes me sad).

I'm writing a slash cracked out crossover pairing (the O DOOM is implied). Dean Winchester/Jack Harkness.

*slaps face*

Can I possibly get a kind soul to read over the first draft?

A sample:

Dean's straight. He doesn't care what you think about him and Sam. First of all, dude, that's his brother. Second, hell, the first reason is enough. Damn.

Plus, he fucking loves women. They're damn awesome and fun in bed and there's nothing like sweet curves and those secret moans and even better, that there's steel underneath all the gentle and softness.

Then he meets Jack Harkness.

Oh, excuse him. It's Captain Jack Harkness.

"Look, I'm straight," Dean tells Jack thirty seconds after meeting him.

Jack grins, holds a full glass of gin up like a toast. "Right you are. Straight as an arrow. Or is it straight and narrow? I love Twentieth Century slang. Though the Twentieth First Century language slowly borders on incoherence. But," he says, actually leering at Dean (and Dean is not a piece of meat), "you're not narrow at all."


I wish you all had the same lovely view that I have here in Hell. It's quite fabulous.

Working title, Unlikely Excuses for Suspenders
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